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Strike It Right and Have a Ball With a Bowling Birthday Party!

With all the different types of themed parties a parent can throw for their child, it is no wonder why planning a birthday can be so frustrating. From ice skating, swimming, to having a pizza party, the choices are limitless and it can be difficult to continue coming up with creative ideas each year. Out of all the ideas out there, one way that can never go wrong is throwing a bowling birthday party. The kids are sure to have a ball and may roll a strike while they are at it!

From creating invitations, planning decorations and party favors, to ordering the perfect cake and scheduling activities and entertainment, not only can the chaos from doing all this get overwhelming, but the price can as well. That is why throwing a bowling birthday party can be a wonderful way to celebrate and at the same time save a little money. Bowling alleys seem to undercharge in the area of renting out space and a few lanes to people throwing birthday parties. This is good news for the parent that has already spent a ton of money on the other necessities needed and the presents also. A bowling party is rather inexpensive and the cost usually includes shoe rental and bowling for a couple of hours. Many times the bowling alley will give a free t-shirt and a bowling pin to the special birthday child. The bowling pin is really neat because the child can have his friends that attended the party sign it and then he can keep it for a memoir. Some bowling alleys make you pay a flat rate on a per hour basis and others charge by the amount of lanes you need reserved. Because this varies, it is best to just call your local bowling alley.

For parents of young children, bowling parties can still be as much fun for the child, because the parent can request that bumpers be placed on the lanes to ensure that the children will hit the pins and make a score. This way every child leaves feeling like a winner!

So, what other reasons would make a bowling birthday party be the recommended choice for your child? One major reason is that not only are the kids the only ones having fun, but the parents get to have just as much fun as well. Many times the children will have fun in the area of the bowling alley. Make sure to start saving your change! However, even if the bowling center does not have an , the entertainment and recreation from just bowling is enough to keep the young and excitable children busy and occupied from getting into all types of mischief!

Another good thing about having a birthday party outside of the home is that the parent doesn’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess, such as having icing from little fingers all over the walls, juice spilled on the carpet, and popped balloon pieces all over the house only for the dog or a small child to put the pieces in their mouths!

To really get the theme across that you are hosting a bowling birthday party, there are many party shops online that sale bowling invitations, plates, napkins, and cups that look like bowling balls and you could even order a bowling ball cake that has pins as the cake topper or as the candles. However, make sure to check with the bowling alley where you will have your party to see what types of decorations are included before ordering any. A simple, yet great idea is to buy a bag of 12” plain white balloons and use a black permanent marker and draw three black finder holes on them or better yet, you could buy plain black balloons and put some white circle stickers on them. Either way will be a sure hit! Not only is this a cheap idea, but the kids will love playing with them at the bowling alley.

There are tips for you to follow in order to ensure that your bowling birthday party is a success!

Tip 1

Decide the date that you are going to host your child’s birthday party. Once you decide on the date, call your local bowling alley to see if the date is available. Make sure to ask for all of the details such as what the birthday party package consists of. For example, some bowling alleys offer a separate room for eating cake and ice cream and opening the presents. Because throwing a bowling birthday party is popular, your best bet to having a guaranteed room and reserved lanes is to make sure you call your local bowling alley at least two weeks in advance of the date you want to hold the party.

Tip 3

Decide on what type of bowling party you will have for your child. There are so many different types of bowling party ideas on the internet. One great suggestion is called cosmic bowling. Cosmic bowling, also known as glow bowling, is glow-in-the-dark bowling. Many bowling alleys play disco lights and music during cosmic bowling. Some bowling alleys even have a DJ to make the entertainment enjoyable, and fog lights to add to the fun.

Tip 5

Before the party, purchase some colored baseball caps. On the caps use puffy paint and make a bowling pin with the kids initials inside of the pin. Separate the caps by colors to help in dividing the kids up into teams when you get to the bowling alley. This will save you some time at the party and possibly even prevent the kids from fighting about who will be on who’s team.

Tip 2

Have your child and you go through and write a list of all the friends and family members that the child wants to invite. If preferred, check online and order bowling invitations, decorations, and party favors. Once the invitations arrive, get them filled out and passed out at least three weeks before the party starts, if possible. Arrange for the parents of the children attending to either stay for the party or be picked up at a scheduled time.

Tip 4

Another great idea if cosmic bowling is not the answer is to come up with some creative games for the kids. Creative game ideas may be to have the children bowl backwards, with their opposite hands, on one foot, and you could even teach the kids the “granny way”. A hard one would be to make the kids bowl blindfolded. Offer the child with the best shot or highest score a prize such as a pretend trophy, dollar bills for the vending machine, or gift cards. One suggestion is to not keep score, because the chaos from all of the kids will be enough and to try and concentrate may put you over the edge. This saves you time and also keeps from any kids getting their feeling hurt. However, if the kids are older, they may want to keep score.

Tip 6

For the children’s treat bags that will be passed out to the kids after the party is over, you could fill them with candy and the free bowling ticket that the bowling alley gives to each child. Also, if you want to make it even easier, the change that you saved for the , you could fill up in the bags to give to the children at the beginning of the party. This saves you time from having to go to the store and figure out some cheap items to place in their treat bags.

Many bowling alleys offer decent birthday packages for parties. For the parents of children living in the Lexington, Kentucky area and wanting to host a bowling birthday party, Strike Zone Lanes offers a few great packages for you to choose from.

The Gold Party Package consists of two hours of bowling time, in which sixty minutes of that time is glow bowling. This package even includes pizza and drinks as well as balloons and table decorations. Also, remember that the is where many kids enjoy exploring during their time at the bowling alley. Well, with the price of this package, each child will receive four tokens to use in the . Free bowling tickets are passed out to each child. And, to top off this great package, the child’s name is mentioned over the intercom as having a birthday and a decorative cake is included! The cost of this package is $174 for up to ten kids. If you are planning on inviting more than this, you could rent an additional lane for only $45 more.

The Platinum Party Package offers even more for $199. This package consists of everything offered in the Gold Party Package as well as a hostess and twelve tokens per child along with the birthday child receiving twenty!

A bowling birthday party is definitely reasonable and pleasurable for both kids and parents. It is a bash so strike it right and have a ball with a bowling birthday party!